With summer in full swing, what better way to spend time in the sun than to go on a bike ride with family and friends. Here are our top three biking trails near CottageClub!

1)     The Banff Legacy Trail

The trail was built in 2010 in celebration of the 125th birthday of Banff National Park. It is 26 kilometres long and runs between Canmore and Banff along a paved pathway. As the pathway is mostly flat, it is perfect for families with small children. Additionally, the pathway is packed with scenic stops and picnic areas. For those not seeking an extremely challenging bike ride, but rather prefer a relaxing trip along a beautiful scenic trail, the Banff Legacy Trail is the way to go.

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2).  Prairie View Trail

If you are seeking a more challenging trail, Prairie View Trail is the choice for you. Located around 25 minutes from CottageClub by car, this trail is safe for both hiking and biking.  Take the opportunity to climb through an elderly forest route, at the end of which is a gorgeous lookout point with views over the South end of Barrier lake. Just remember, it is much faster on the way down.

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3)  Cochrane Main Street

For those looking for a balanced riding experience, explore the historic downtown of nearby Cochrane. There is a large selection of stops packed with good eats and treats to choose from along your ride. Here are some of our favourite local staples. For lunch, you will never be disappointed by “Donair on the run”.  They offer great prices, a large selection of options from snacks to meals, and wonderful hospitality.  For your next stop, don’t forget to grab a coffee and a “cow cookie” at Coffee Traders.  Curious as to what a “cow cookie” may be?  You will have to see for yourself.  Lastly, a trip to Cochrane is never complete without a scoop of ice cream from MacKay’s.

Bonus Trail:  If you prefer to stay within the CottageClub community, CottageClub has over 4 kilometres of pathways running throughout the property.  As a gated-community, children are safe to ride and explore while parents can take a much-needed break after completing any of the bike trails above.