Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more? Here are common questions about the CottageClub community. If you have further questions please Contact Us or come by for a visit. We’d love to see you!



Q: Where Is CottageClub Ghost Lake Located?

CottageClub backs onto the east end of Ghost Lake Alberta. We have magnificent lake views sweeping west against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. We are located 35 minutes west of Calgary, only 15 minutes from Cochrane, 25 minutes from Kananaskis, 35 minutes from Canmore, 50 minutes from Banff Park and 75 minutes from Lake Louise.

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Q: Is CottageClub A Year Round Community?

CottageClub is a year-round resort community with a private Recreation Centre and a world-class playground that you can enjoy 365 days a year.

Q: Who Is Buying Property In CottageClub?
About 70% of our owners enjoy CottageClub as their secondary residence – a recreational cottage to spend their weekends and holidays.
The remaining 20% of our owners enjoy CottageClub as their primary residence. The majority of these owners are young retirees who appreciate CottageClub’s location (between Calgary & Banff), want to simplify life and downsize (rightsize) to a smaller property, are ready to travel more, and seek a quality community where their kids and grandkids will look forward to visiting them.
The balance of our primary residence owners are singles or couples that travel frequently with work, but prefer the countryside (over the city) when not working. All of our owners enjoy the diverse spectrum of amenities that CottageClub offers year round, and the close proximity to some of the world’s most sought after attractions.
Q: Is CottageClub On Leased Land?

CottageClub is not on leased land, you will receive a freehold title to your lot at time of purchase.

Q: What Are The Lot Prices?

CottageClub lots start from $109,000 to $300,000+. We have fully serviced mountain view lots, lake view lots, river view lots and private retreat lots available.

Q: What are the Cottage Prices?

Cottage prices depend on the size of the cottage and the extent of customization you desire. On average, our owners spend between $200,000 to $290,000 on their cottage, plus the purchase price of their lot.

Q: How Do I Purchase A Lot?

The process is simple. Tour the project, choose the lot that fits your budget and puts a smile on your face. We then sign a Lot Purchase Contract along with your $2,000 deposit which secures your chosen lot ($2,000 deposit is fully refundable within 10 days). After 10 days, a second deposit is due. The balance of the purchase price is paid at the time of title transfer to your name.

Q: Who Builds My Cottage?

CottageClub offers a professional, on-site builder group for you to choose from, or you can engage your own builder (subject to Architectural Controls). There is no required timeline on starting to build your cottage, plus you enjoy all of CottageClub’s amenities as soon as your lot is purchased. We also offer fully built Quick Possession Cottages.

Q: Can I Build A Garage On My Lot As Well As A Cottage?

Yes. You are allowed one accessory building on your purchased lot in addition to your cottage. We have many designs to choose from.

Q: Can I Build A Tiny Cottage?

We have no minimum cottage size restriction so you can build a tiny cottage on any of our CottageClub lots, provided that the tiny cottage is fixed to a concrete foundation (no wheels permitted), and it meets our Architectural Controls around exterior elevations and quality. To date, the smallest cottage built is 528 square feet.

Q: Do You Allow Park Models?

At CottageClub we focus on high quality, small footprint and low maintenance cottages, hence, we do not allow park models. We have professional on-site builders at your disposal, to build quality cottages, that can be handed down for generations with little maintenance.

Q: Are RV’s Or Campers Allowed On Site?
Per our Zoning Bylaw Dc123   RVs or campers can be stored on your lot only after the cottage is built and only from spring to fall.   
However, per our Condo Bylaws, once your cottage is built, visitors can stay in their RV or Camper for a maximum of 10 days per year. 
If you plan to have “friends & family” visiting frequently, please consider their accommodations when planning your cottage design.
Q: Is High Speed Internet Available In The Community?

Yes, there is high speed Internet available.  Fibre has been installed this fall 2020

Q: Is Natural Gas Or Propane Available?
Rocky View Country approved amendments to our Conceptual Scheme and Zoning Bylaw (DC123) in January 2020.  We are now allowed natural gas to the cottages.  Phase 3 and Phase 4 already have natural gas lines to the curb of every cottage lot.   We are working with the Cochrane Lake Gas CO-OP towards retrofitting natural gas into Phase 1 & Phase 2.
Initially,  natural gas and propane were restricted and not available to the cottages.  This was implemented to encourage seasonal cottage usage, but as we have learned, our owners use and heat their recreational cottages year around. To date cottage heating sources include electric furnaces, electric in floor heat, electric baseboard heaters, electric air to air heat pumps, pellet stoves, wood stoves, solar pv, passive solar and as of late geo-thermal.
Q: Is Potable Water Available Year Round?

Yes. CottageClub has a water licence that allows for year round usage. We have an on-site Potable Water Treatment Plant, Potable Water Storage System and Potable Water Distribution System. Both the Potable Water Treatment Plant and the Potable Water Distribution System are operated by Aquatech Canadian Water Services (managing hundreds of potable water systems across Canada).

Q: Does CottageClub Allow Pets?

At CottageClub we are pet friendly. You can have two pets (any size) but we ask that they be on a leash when outside of your home. Off leash areas are located just outside of the project on the TransAlta lands leading down to the Bow River.

If you have other specific questions please contact:
Don Stengler, Project Manager
Phone: (403) 214-0292
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The CottageClub at Ghost Lake is located 35 minutes from Calgary and Canmore and 50 minutes from Banff, so homeowners can enjoy even more year-round recreational activities like hiking, rock climbing, skiing, fishing and many other great outdoor pastimes.