CottageClub Strata

Providing a myriad of recreational opportunities throughout the year, Ghost Lake is one of the only desirable destination lakes easily accessible from Calgary.

An eco friendly community designed to respect the beauty of the natural surroundings – CottageClub is committed to sustainable building and landscaping practices that preserve the natural habitat for you to enjoy. CottageClub is and will be, the only development ever allowed on Ghost Lake.


CottageClub Ghost Lake Conceptual Scheme
Adopted January 15, 2008

CottageClub Ghost Lake will be a family-oriented recreation-based community where children are free to play with their friends in an open, safe and secure environment. Families and friends will meet “at the lake”. To create lifelong memories that will be enjoyed from generation to generation.

Owners at CottageClub Ghost Lake will enjoy breathtaking mountain views, private lake access, proximity to the Ghost and Bow rivers, a trail system, swimming pool, recreation and learning centre, and an abundance of open space to explore.

Core Purpose and Values

Condominium Corporation &
Developer Strategic Planning Session 03/06/

Our Core Purpose

To provide and promote a quality recreation based environment for Owners and Guests Resulting in a secure, harmonious legacy community.

Ethical Practices

We establish and communicate clear guidelines for what is best for the community and then follow-through.


We design to provide and promote freedom from worry. Freedom from worry means that you can relax after a week at work, your children at play, “kick-back and put your feet up.”


We value new perspectives and work together to adapt to changing circumstances.


We actively listen and value different points of view.


We are deliberate in welcoming new people, learning their names, and embracing our differences.

Strategic goals, Condominium Corporation and Developer

Operations Excellence

We will set the industry standard for board leadership by setting and implementing policies (consistent with our By-laws) which will be clearly stated and communicated to the community.

A) To draft guiding principles B) To identify incongruencies and inconsistencies with regards to Condo Corporations’ policies and by-laws.

We will have “one of the” best-managed condo corporations in the market property management to implement the policies determined by the board manage the full-time staff of the Condo Corporation repair and maintain Condo Corporation assets”.

A) To create a governance model for Condo Corporation. B) To undertake a review of working relationship with gateway property management company.

Product/Services Leadership

We will ensure the common property will be maintained to the high-quality, low maintenance standard safe clean and accessible  A) To create a maintenance standard for each common property asset inventory.

Customer Intimacy

We will create and implement a communication model which will allow a free flow of communication in a timely manner. A) to design and implement an effective communication model.

We will tap into the knowledge skills and expertise of our community members as part of the decision-making process A) to create a skills and experience database of community member skill sets.

CottageClub Condominium Governance