What’s New at CottageClub

April 2023 – Lot Inventory Update
CottageClub is 90% sold out.  Two lots left in Phase 3 along the waterfront & a couple pie shaped lots available in Phase 4.  
Phase 5 lots now fully serviced. We are already about 1/2 sold out. 
If you want a large walkout lot then Phase 3 or Phase 5 is where you want to be.   
August 2022 – Phase 5 Infrastructure complete 
Phase 5 shallow utilities along with asphalt roads, and construction of the playground and greenspaces is now complete.  Construction of cottages have already commenced.
May 2022 – Natural Gas Retrofit in Phase 1 & Phase 2
Natural Gas was approved for use in the cottages per a DC Bylaw amendment in January 2020. This meant that all lots in Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5 were able to connect to the natural gas available at the front of each lot. But Phase 1 and Phase 2 did not have this option as natural gas was not installed at time of construction.  As the Developer we decided to retrofit all lots in Phase 1 and Phase 2 with natural gas at the Developers expense, even though all lots were sold in these Phases as we felt it was the right thing to do. 
October 2021 – Phase 5 Start of Development Infrastructure
We have begun development of Phase 5 with the installation of the deep potable water servicing to every lot and rough grading of the roads.  Shallow utilities, asphalt and development of the green spaces will commence in the spring of 2022.
June to August 2021 – Re-grading of Phase 5 to create walkout lots
Given basements are now allowed in CottageClub we decided to have our engineers tackle how to best re-grade Phase 5 to create walkout lots.  The physical regrading process began in June 2021 with majority of the work completed by end of August 2021.
May 2021 – Tesla Starlink now available
Starlink recently deployed their satellites over CottageClub as part of their service area expansion.  Many owners are now choosing this option if they require an extremely fast, and robust internet option, such as those who work remotely. 

November 2020 – Fiber optic

We now have fibre optic installed throughout CottageClub.  Cottage owners or in some case their University kids have connected to the Internet from their cottage and choose to work from their cottage for the balance of this pandemic.  Why not!  Life is more fun at the cottage.

October 2020 – Renova Homes

Announcing our first volume builder Renova Luxury Homes winner of many many SAM Awards over the past 30 plus years will be building cottages in CottageClub.  Renova’s first Quick possession cottage will be a split level cottage with a 600 square foot main floor, up 3 stairs to the master bedroom and a flex room plus a 950 square foot basement. This cottage is being scheduled to start construction in mid November 2020 on Lot 281.   Renova will be offering a couple of standard models with only a few tweaks allowed but in exchange you our customer will received a high quality cottage at a great value with speed of construction down to 4 to 5 months.

September 2020 – Phase 4

Construction of Phase 4 infrastructure is now complete.  This Phase features lots which are slimmer and less expensive than previous Phases. Phase 4 is about a 4 minute walk to the Recreation Centre & the beach.

July & August 2020 – Unprecedent sales of turnkey cottages

It started in May with more people looking to get out of the city during COVID-19 but really sparked in July with all our quick possession cottages selling withing days in addition both MLS listed, and private resales of cottages really took off.  Almost 100% of resale cottages were bought by new CottageClub families over the summer.

January 2020 – Potable Water Year-Round, Natural Gas, Full Basements

On Tuesday Jan 28, 2020 a Public Hearing was held by RVC Council regarding amendments to our Conceptual Scheme and Zoning bylaw DC123.  Wea re now allowed

Potable Water to the cottage’s year-around.  Our Potable Water system was capable of operating year-round from the start.

Basement development.  Cottage owners can now build and development basements. Excellent space for extra family on weekends.

– Natural Gas to the cottages.  Phase 3 already has natural gas to every lot. Phase 4 & Phase 5 will have natural gas installed to every lot when built. Phase 1 & 2 need a retrofit solution for natural gas to be installed.