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Last fall, CottageClub and SAIT Green Building Technologies introduced three unique Solar Thermal technologies during SAIT’s renewable energy speaker series. Current and upcoming CottageClub homeowners had the chance to learn about the feasibility of renewable energy to reduce space heating, electricity and hot water costs though Geothermal, Solar PV and Solar Thermal technologies.

What are Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels?
Solar PV is sized to fit on a smaller home or an accessory building. The array will be complete with micro-inverters which are more adaptable to multiple site conditions and will have a total system potential of 3.7 kw. Solar PV can be used to meet your home’s electrical demands, keeping utility bills low.

What is Solar Thermal?
Solar Thermal is sized to handle the domestic hot water loads of a smaller building or provide supplementary heat to hydronic baseboards using solar tubes or panels to convert sunlight to thermal energy. The system is complete with tank, pumps, and electric backup, as well as racking systems for the collectors (wall or roof options available). The total system capability will vary by home and the system is designed with 2 racks (60 tubes) total and one tank (60 gallon). The system could be installed on primary dwelling or an accessory building, with the primary functions to be used for domestic water, space heating or other heating applications.

SAIT worked with homeowners to provide energy models and recommendations for optimization of their home in terms of energy efficiency. The energy models are critical tools in educating both homeowners and builders about the repercussions of their design decisions very early on, and making energy efficiency a priority before the home is constructed.

What is Geothermal?
Geothermal systems transfer thermal energy from the ground to air, water or antifreeze fluid, circulating through closed pipe loops buried underground. These pipes then exchange heat with the house, providing space heating during winter and cooling during summer.

With the help of SAIT’s Green Building Technologies and Thermal Creek, CottageClub is hard at work to bring these three technologies to the CottageClub community while making them easily accessible to each homeowner.


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