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If you’re interested in Geothermal energy we have great news for you! CottageClub is now ready to encourage Geothermal technology as a primary cottage heating and cooling system… and the best way to do that is to put our money into the cost of YOUR cottage Geothermal (Vertical Borehole) Installation.  

For a limited time, We Will Pay For Your Geothermal (Vertical Borehole) Installation on Designated Phase 2 Lot Purchases*

All you have to cover is the remaining cost to install a Geothermal System, similar to installing a natural gas heating system with air conditioning. What Are My Costs? The upside? The annual cost of your Geothermal System is a fraction of what a natural gas heating system costs so you can save, save, save and be kinder to the environment!

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What Is Geothermal?

A geothermal system (also known as geo-exchange, or ground source heating & cooling) uses renewable energy from the earth to provide cottages with year-round heating and cooling. Geothermal systems are extremely energy-efficient, environmentally clean and safe, and a cost effective way to heat and cool your cottage. Read More…

What Are The Benefits Of Geothermal?

    •  Reduced energy consumption by 80%=reduced energy costs

    •  No monthly natural gas bill (the natural gas consumed is inexpensive, but fixed administration & distribution charges are not)

   •  Clean and safe, (Geothermal mainly uses energy from the ground, only small amounts of electricity are required)

   •  Readily available, renewable and energy efficient

   •  The system also produces free domestic pre-heated hot water

   •  Cooling (A/C) with geothermal is 5-10 times cheaper than conventional air conditioning units

   •  Can increase the future resale value of your cottage

How Energy-Efficient Are Geothermal Systems?

Very! Approximately 80% of the energy needed to heat your cottage comes from the ground, with only 20% needed from the electrical grid to run the geothermal pumps and compressor. Geothermal systems achieve efficiencies of up to 500%. As a comparison, a 90% “high”- efficient gas burning furnace uses roughly 6 TIMES MORE energy to heat your cottage!


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