Fall Cottage Hunting – 6 Things To Consider.

Savvy cottage buyers know that the fall is one of the best times to buy a cottage. If you’re in the market for a new recreational property this season, here are a few cottage hunting tips:

1. Travel Time: How much time do you want to spend in your car versus relaxing at your cottage? A cottage that is located closer to your primary residence means you’ll spend less time commuting and more time to enjoying your cottage lifestyle. If your cottage is close enough, you can experience a complete change of scenery in a short period of driving time. It will also allow you too use your cottage during the week or even for a day (as a quick escape). And, if the cottage can be used year round, you can enjoy holidays and weekends away… and be back at work come Monday.

2. Privacy: When looking at recreational sites, decide ahead of time how much privacy you would like to have at your cottage. How close do you want your neighbours to be? Do you care if you’re on a crowded lake or do you prefer a lake that’s more quiet. Would a gated community give you a sense of security? Deciding how much “me space” you need will help you choose the right property to best suit the cottage lifestyle you desire.

3.The Lake: The size of the lake often dictates the types of activities that can take place there. A smaller lake means there will be less boating and fewer motorized boats. Medium lakes tend to be fishing lakes. A larger lake provides you the opportunity for more activities. Also, check that the lake is accessible year round. The cooler months offer some of the best cottage activities like skating, ice fishing or playing hockey.

4. Surroundings: Be mindful of what is around any prospective cottage. Do you want to be near the lake or do you want a more private setting? How important is a view? Would you like to be near an indoor amenity like a recreation centre? Consider your interests and seek out sites that will cater to your interests. For instance, it may be desirable to be close to hiking trails if that’s what you love to do.

5. Feel: If you’re looking for a waterfront property the first thing to do is to go down to the water. Look at where the cottage sits, what’s the view like? Where is the sun in the morning, at midday and in the evening. Is the shoreline sandy, hard-packed or rocky? A good way to test out a lake is to spend time there and talk to the neighbours.

6. Local Amenities: Do you want to be easily connected to amenities outside of your community? How important is it to be close to urban comforts like shopping, restaurants, health services, etc? Or amenities like skiing, golfing or fishing? If creature comforts and destination adventures are important to you, choose a community that is well positioned to offer you these amenities.



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