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With Spring around the corner we’re thinking green! CottageClub has been committed to providing you with sustainable building options since our community was founded, and we’re doing it again by partnering with SAIT’s Green Building Technology Team.

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CottageClub Partners With SAIT

Partners In Innovation

CottageClub and SAIT Green Building Technology have teamed up to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing cottages at CottageClub Ghost Lake. With every lot purchase from the developer, CottageClub will pay up to 10 hours of planning time with SAIT’s lead architect David Silburn, and his team. It’s our way of encouraging enviro-conscious stewardship in our community and assisting you in planning the sustainability side of your cottage design.

SAIT Is Providing CottageClub Owners With:

Affordable ways to achieve net zero energy construction and reduce utility bills

Innovative options for high performance building envelopes, mechanical systems, advanced energy monitoring and renewable energy.

SAIT’s Services Include:

Analyzing your cottage energy requirements (based on your proposed cottage design)

Planning your cottage orientation to maximize solar options

Analyzing your building envelope design to lower energy requirements

Identifying requirements needed for Alberta-Made Geothermal Heating/Cooling Systems

Providing information about Passive Solar Windows, Thermal Solar requirements, PV Solar requirements (so you can take advantage of free energy)

Providing information about eco-friendly material selections and operating options (so you can lower your carbon footprint).

To find out more about our partnership with SAIT,  visit our Welcome Centre or Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

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