ClearWater Cottage

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Price: $494,000.00 (GST Incl.)*

Location: Phase 2, Lot 161

Size: 600 Sq. Ft.

Bedroom: 1 Bedroom

Bathroom: 2 Bathrooms

Availability: Sold



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The History of Cottage Culture in Russia

The History of Cottage Culture in Russia

What are the traditional Russian dachas (cottages) If you ever decide to visit Ukraine or Russia, make sure you take a trip outside the city into the rural communities which host dachas, the traditionally small homes many Russian’s and Ukrainian’s escape to. For those...

A Toast to Graduate

A Toast to Graduate

This weekend for many of us is a regular weekend.  We are turning the seasonal clock from spring to summer.  We may be thinking about taking out the boat for a fishing trip, or possibly considering hiking trail options for Saturday morning.  However, it is also...

Top 3 Best Biking Trail Near CottageClub

Top 3 Best Biking Trail Near CottageClub

With summer in full swing, what better way to spend time in the sun than to go on a bike ride with family and friends. Here are our top three biking trails near CottageClub!1)     The Banff Legacy Trail The trail was built in 2010 in celebration of the 125th birthday...

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The CottageClub at Ghost Lake is located 35 minutes from Calgary and Canmore and 50 minutes from Banff, so homeowners can enjoy even more year-round recreational activities like hiking, rock climbing, skiing, fishing and many other great outdoor pastimes.