This weekend for many of us is a regular weekend.  We are turning the seasonal clock from spring to summer.  We may be thinking about taking out the boat for a fishing trip, or possibly considering hiking trail options for Saturday morning.  

However, it is also graduation weekend for many high schools across the country. 

Although high school for many of us has been a memory of the distance past.  Everyone can resonate with the nervousness which comes with this transition.  Whether the next step is entering the employment market, or their eyes are set on University next September, life is about the change and it will feel drastic at the time.  Unlike past years, this year of graduates have endured the precarious living conditions caused by COVID-19.   

Under such uncertainties, we saw young graduates make the most of their situation among an environment which may seem like the only stable space in their lives.  We saw graduates celebrate their achievement among family and friends.

More specifically, alongside our community’s growth we have seen a group of young ladies grow up into adults.  As children this group could have been seen around CottageClub biking, boating or taking the long walk to Ghost Station for a chocolate resupply.  Any parents of this group can attest, if you saw them coming down the road you would rush to hide your favourite snacks.