This year has been surprising and unprecedented. With the holidays looking a bit different than before, let’s spend the last weeks of 2020 enjoying time with loved ones and being grateful for what we have learned and experienced this year. Don’t let quarantine get you down! Instead, we have gathered some fun and family friendly activities which are perfect for ‘holidays in quarantine’!


At CottageClub, we associate the holiday season with fun and bright decorations! We have the perfect ideas for all you DIY decorations lovers! All you have to do is gather some pinecones from outside and use your choice of paint, glitter or stickers. One of our favourite ways of glamming up pinecones is by dipping them in white paint and sprinkling glitter on the petals. Viola! You have yourself a snow-covered pinecone with a bit of a festive twist! If you are really feeling adventurous, glue your beautiful and festive pinecones together to form a wreath! This is a perfect activity for you and your family and a great way to spend an evening of holiday quarantine!


‘Tis the season to be jolly and creative! For our second DIY decoration, grab some clear Christmas ornaments, and spice them up with some colour and glitter. All you need to do is remove the top from the ornament, squirt a bit of paint inside and jiggle it around until you like the design. Let it dry and you have yourself a festive and bright ornament, which is unique to you and your style!


Finally, an easy and fun way to decorate your family room requires no more than two materials. Grab any coloured paper and scissors and cut out some snowflakes. It’s the easiest trick in the book and a great way to involve your munchkins in home decorating.

Let us know your favourite holiday DIY!